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Documentation for Preprocessing

Special kind of Branch.

If a Preprocessing pipe is added to a PHOTONAI Hyperpipe, all transformers are applied to the data ONCE BEFORE cross validation starts in order to prepare the data. Every added element should be a transformer PipelineElement.


pre_proc = Preprocessing()
pre_proc += PipelineElement('OneHotEncoder', sparse=False)
my_pipe += pre_proc
Some transformations should be performed bundled at the beginning. Here at the example of the OneHotEncoder. Due to the cross-validation split, some cateogries can no longer occur in any subsets. Therefore, a trained OneHotEncoding could fail on other subsets. By using the Preprocessing object, this effect can no longer appear.

__iadd__(self, pipe_element) special

Add an element to the sub pipeline.


Name Type Description Default
pipe_element PipelineElement

The transformer object to add.

Source code in photonai/base/
def __iadd__(self, pipe_element: PipelineElement):
    Add an element to the sub pipeline.

            The transformer object to add.

    if hasattr(pipe_element, "transform"):
        super(Preprocessing, self).__iadd__(pipe_element)
        if len(pipe_element.hyperparameters) > 0:
            raise ValueError("A preprocessing transformer must not have any hyperparameter "
                             "because it is not part of the optimization and cross validation procedure")

        raise ValueError("Pipeline Element must have transform function")
    return self

__init__(self) special

Initialize the object.

Source code in photonai/base/
def __init__(self):
    """Initialize the object."""
    self.has_hyperparameters = False
    self.needs_y = True
    self.needs_covariates = True
    self._name = 'Preprocessing'
    self.is_transformer = True
    self.is_estimator = False